Dana Shearin


Artist Statement

Visual language has the ability to awaken the senses, engage empathy, and motivate compassion.  As I make work, I struggle with which human emotions are the most important to evoke, and I wonder if it is more effective to reach people through humor, irony, or empathy. Recently, I have been experimenting with these themes through manipulation of objects and installations, using both functional pots and figurative sculptures to discuss these ideas.

I am hoping that through humor, I can disarm the viewer and then sneak in secondary, deeper issues of self-awareness and socio-political ideas.  Through functional vessels I aim to engage interaction and physical senses and through elements of figural work I aim to engage recognition of social gestures in a way that will broaden and speed understanding.

One aspect of good art is to evoke a heightened sensory reaction.  As I strive to make successful work and new discoveries in my studio, I am encouraged by this pursuit. There is something interesting to me about the idea of motivation originating from pleasure, and I hope the work conveys these sentiments to the viewer.